Thursday, February 22, 2024


PhD by Research at KMU 



PhD by Research helps you develop your specialist knowledge in a specific field of study. Working closely with a senior academic, you conduct an original research project that could have a far-reaching impact on the global community. Explore PhD by Research programs of Kerman Medical University (KMU) Research Centers in various fields and choose the one that matters most to your future and your world.

KMU offers PhD by Research in the following fields:



Research Center


HIV/STI Surveillance Research Center




Health Services Management Research Center


Management Sciences (Futures Studies in Health)


Management Sciences (Health Policy)


Leishmaniasis Research Center


Clinical Sciences (Skin Diseases and Leishmaniasis)


Medical Immunology


Medical Informatics Research Center


Medical Informatics


Modeling in Health Research Center


Management Sciences (Modeling in Health)


Neuroscience Research Center


Biomedical Sciences (Neuroscience)


Biomedical Sciences (Peripheral Nerve Restoration)


Pathology and Stem Cells Research Center 


Molecular Medicine


Pharmaceutics Research Center


Pharmaceutical Sciences


Physiology Research Center


Biomedical Sciences (Physiology)


Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factors


Traumatic Brain Injury


Research Center for Hydatid Disease


Biomedical Sciences (Hydatid Cyst)