Thursday, February 22, 2024




Kerman, City of History, Culture and Art


Kerman is the Largest province in Iran, located in southeast of Iran, Kerman is an ancient city which reminds us of the old times. It has been considered as the cherisher of the learned men and paradise of mines. Here in Kerman, the inhabitants fight the glowering face of desert difficulties, with patient smiles. Kerman Province, with an area exceeding 180,000 square kilometers is Iran's vastest province. Kerman province enjoys a variety of climates including warm, semi dry, extremely dry, moderate and cold.

Kerman city is one of the oldest cities of Iran. Each monument in Kerman indicates some historical dimensions of the people's life. This makes Kerman a standing museum of various periods of Iranian history. Many different kinds of stone and pottery works that belong to the 5th millennium BC have been dug up from the hills and plains of this land that indicate the antiquity of its civilization.

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