Thursday, February 22, 2024


IT Services



After completing the registration process, every KMU student will be allocated an active personal account. This account is required to access computer services of the university and the Internet.



Different IT services are offered at KMU to facilitate and accelerate students' affairs which are as follow:

  • Free Wi-Fi which is available around the campus and in student dormitories is easy to connect. For faster internet, it's quick and easy to connect to the wired network too.
  • Every student has a specific download allowance per month which refers to the maximum amount of data in GBs that he/she is permitted to download, including pictures, movies and music.
  • KMU provides PCs in computer rooms across campus. All rooms have Wi-Fi and power sockets and a student printer, and we make it easy for you to find a free PC. Different practical software is available on the PCs.
  • Every student can receive an official KMU email address upon request. The University sends important messages to this address, so we recommend that you check it at least daily.
  • To use the Internet service, after connecting to the university's wireless network, type the address:" " in the browser and enter your username and password.
  • The Internet usage reporting system is a program designed to inform users of Internet usage and their connection reports.
  • Online Digital Library which serves as an improved library search tool offers searching and booking of the KMU Library physical and electronic holdings, including hundreds of thesis reports, full-text journal articles and e-books.
  • Medical Student Software which is accessible through the university's website includes full introduction of medical discipline, medical textbooks and facilitates access to online medical databases.
  • Portal of Journals allows free access to 12 scientific journals of KMU which are published in various fields. Most of these journals are published in English and indexed in international databases and some are in Persian with an English abstract.
  • Online Dining System which enables you to book in directly for University lunches and dinners over the internet. You can view the charges on your account for meals booked online or taken on your card at lunch, once logged in. This system is a solution for managing students' self-services and restaurants affairs.
  • Online Academic Affairs System (named SAMA) enables the students to check their course registration, transcript, syllabi and personal information.
  • If you need to help or more informations: 034-31325299