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Dormitories as second houses of students promote their personal growth and develop their social life skills. Students also have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and lifestyles, make unforgettable good memories and find lifelong friendships.

KMU has considered suitable dormitories for international students. The provided dormitories are single-sex, fully-equipped and in good neighborhood.

The following rules and regulations have been issued to improve dormitory life qualities and to prevent possible problems encountered in dormitories:

  • The room and furnishings are delivered to students according to a Room Condition Report and will be recaptured at the end of each semester or academic year in accordance with that report. The transferee will be responsible for damage or fraction of the delivered furnishings.
  • After graduation, dropout, expulsion or any kind of disconnection from the university including academic leave or disciplinary suspension, the student will no longer be allowed to use and stay in the dormitory.
  • Carrying a photo ID card is required for dormitory students at all times.
  • Abiding by appropriate clothing based on Islamic principles, traditions and social norms is compulsory for all students and the students behaviors should be within the scope of the current laws and regulations of the country and the approved directives and regulations.
  • Any disturbances causing discomfort in the dormitory environment (such as making noise, fighting, turning up/increasing TV, music and radio volume and etc.) are prohibited.
  • Smoking and keeping tobacco-related equipment is prohibited in all academic places, including dormitories and the violators will be treated according to the rules and regulations issued by the disciplinary committee, University committee for students disciplinary matters.
  • The possession, purchase, sale, use or distribution of illegal stuff including gambling supplies, illegal CDs or tapes, warm and cold weapons, all kinds of opiates, psychotropic medications, drug or alcohol abuse are generally prohibited and the violators will be treated according to the rules and regulations issued by the disciplinary committee of the students.



***Address and contact number of the boys' dormitory:

Kerman,Saveh Blvd., Alley No. 10, Darya Dormitory

Phone number:034-33242262



***Address and contact number of the girls' dormitory:

Kerman, Imam Ali Blvd., Islamic Azad University dormitory complex, building number 1, ground floor

Phone number:034-33224409