Thursday, February 22, 2024


Master of Science Programs at KMU 



The Master of Science (M.Sc.) refers to a postgraduate academic master's degree and is nowadays awarded by most universities around the world. The study duration of a Master's program in Iran differs from 2 to 3 years. Explore Kerman Medical University (KMU) various M.Sc. programs and choose the one that matters most to your future and your world.

KMU offers the following M.Sc. programs:





Education Development Center (E.D.C)


Community-based Education of Health Systems


Medical Education


Faculty of Allied Medicine


Laboratory Hematology and Blood Banking


Faculty of Management and Medical Informatics


Healthcare Management


Health Economics


Health Information Technology (H.I.T)


Health Technology Assessment (H.T.A)


Medical Library and Information Sciences


Medical Informatics


Faculty of Medicine


Anatomical Sciences


Clinical Biochemistry


Human Genetics


Medical Immunology


Medical Microbiology


Medical Mycology


Medical Parasitology


Medical Virology




Faculty of Midwifery and Nursing


Community Health Nursing (Public Health Nursing)


Critical Care Nursing


Medical Surgical Nursing


Midwifery Counselling


Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing




Psychiatric Nursing


Faculty of Pharmacy


Pharmaceutical Chemistry




Faculty of Public Health




Environmental Health Engineering


Environmental Toxicology






Health Education


Human Ecology


Occupational Health Engineering