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Vice-Chancellery for Education




While observing educational standards, the Education Vice-Chancellery moves towards responding to the scientific and research needs of the society by developing and improving the process of educational planning for the alumni, and, furthermore, adopting principles of comprehensive quality management and modern technology in the path of social, cultural, and economic growth and development of the society. The Education Vice-Chancellery is responsible for training specialized and committed manpower that endeavor to maintain and enhance community health using skill and affection, while emphasizing social justice. Communication portal for students and graduates is done via email address:



Division of Education and Graduate Studies

Having separated from both Ministry of Science and Ministry of Health, this division was founded in 1986, and is in charge of the entire administrative affairs and services concerning education up to graduation in all academic programs and courses.



Continuing Education Office

As a subdivision to the Education Vice-Chancellery, the Continuing Education Office operates towards maintaining, developing, and promoting knowledge, skill, and professional performance, and thus helps physicians and paramedics in providing service to patients and the society. This office has been involved in the continuing education of the medical society since 1996, and has attained the goals set, through its Planning, Education, Evaluation, and Self-Learning Units. It must be noted that the Continuing Education Subdivision of the Paramedical Society was integrated into this office in 2007, and has achieved a lot since.



Education Development Center (EDC)

The Education Development Center is among the divisions affiliated to our Education Vice-Chancellery and endeavors to enhance the quality of education, emphasizing its sublime stance, to ensure that the alumni have arrived at desirable levels of professional knowledge and skill. This center commenced activity in 1993 and is currently considered as one of our active centers across the country.



Vice-Chancellor for Education


Prof. Mohammad Khaksari Haddad


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PhD in Physiology

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(+98 34) 3132 5638

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(+98 34) 3132 5759

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University of Medical Sciences, Medical Sciences Campus, Haft-Bagh Highway, Kerman, Iran.

Postal Code : 76169-13555