Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Created Date : Saturday, August 6, 2022   Update Date : Saturday, August 6, 2022   

Activities of Hydatid Disease Research Center of KMU under WHO scrutiny


In its last report, the World Health Organization (WHO) discussed the activities of the Hydatid Disease Research Center of Kerman Medical University (KMU).







In this report, WHO while pointing to the establishment of the hydatid research center in the country since 2013 as the only research center focused on this disease in Iran and the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO), emphasized the importance of endemic disease transmitted by dogs, such as hydatid cysts. And an illustrated report, discussed the efforts of the hydatid disease research center with the aim of promoting basic epidemiological and clinical research, professional empowerment and increasing public awarness related to hydatid disease.





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