Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Created Date : Saturday, July 9, 2022   Update Date : Saturday, August 6, 2022   

Ceremony of the White Coat of KMU International Students was held


With the efforts of Kerman University of Medical Sciences' International Affairs Directorate and with the cooperation of the Vice-Chancellery for Cultural and Student Affairs, the White Coat Ceremony of KMU International Students was held with impletation of various programs for students along with dedication of White Coats, recitation of the Oaths and rewarding of Awards to the best International Students in the precence of the Chancellor and a group of Vice-Chancellors and Officials of the university. It was held on 25 June, 2022, at the Conference Hall of the Continuing Medical Education Center.








After reciting several verses from the holy Quran by one of the international students and playing the national anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. AmirHeidari, Director of Internatinal Affairs welcomed and introduced the guests as well as stating the goals and programs of the meeting. Dr. AhmadiNejad, KMU Chancellor, after welcoming, introduced the university to the International Students. Dr. Arefi, the head of the representative office of the Supreme Leader, while expressing some points about educational migration and its opportunities and challenges, asked the students to consider the norms of the host country of their studies.







In the following, Major Shams Al-Dini, the passport police explained disciplinary security issues of international students and Dr. Langroudi explained disciplinary issues of dormitory and dressing code. Dr. SoltaniNejad, head of KMU Counseling Department, after introducing the Counceling Department of the Cultural and Student Vice-Chancellery, announced the readiness of this department to solve various problems of students. Dr. Dabiri, a veteran of the university, also comprehensively introduced the founders and history of the university from the begining until now.







At the end, Dr. AmirHeidari recitated the context of the Oath and the international students to recite the Oath together. Other ceremony programs included two performances by an international HamAvayi Group, a song performance by a group of international male students, reception, congregational prayer and dinner.