Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Created Date : Sunday, July 3, 2022   Update Date : Sunday, July 3, 2022   

KMU Director of International Affairs meets Cultural Advisor of the Republic of Iraq


In this meeting which was held on 27 June,2022, Dr. AmirHeidari, expressing gratitude and introducing Kerman Province and Kerman University of Medical Sciences, emphasized on the strong connection of the people of Kerman with Iraq in terms of religious aspects. In this regard, he noted the capacity and readiness of Kerman Medical University (KMU) to admit students from Iraq and expand cooperation with this country in various scientific events with cooperation of both parties and also creation of a ground for establishment of a representative office of KMU in Iraq and promoting it to a branch of the KMU university.


He also announced KMU readiness to facilitate and expand scientific research cooperation with the Iraqi parties to the other universities in the 8th district, as well as non-medical universities in Kerman.





Following the meeting, Dr. Amjad, the Cultural Advisor of the Republic of Iraq in Iran, thanked the presence of the International Director of KMU at Iraq Embassay and announced that KMU has been approved by Iraq Ministry of Science and an official statement will be announced in the next week or two. He also welcomed all the ideas presented and announced his and the Embassy's readiness to facilitate these matters.


It should be noted that this meeting was coordinated and followed up by Imat Company, which is an international student recruitment agency recruiting international students for many universities of the country including KMU.